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Learn to skydive solo and gain your skydiving license

Taking you to new heights

Skydive Nagambie has the only purpose built training centre in Victoria, and our industry best Instructors will help you to achieve your dream of skydiving solo and helping you to achieve your skydive license. We do over 20,000 skydives every year, and when they aren’t jumping with you our Senior Instructors are teaching, training and evaluating new skydiving Instructors for other centres from all around the country. Come and complete your AFF skydiving course with us!

See what happens on an Amateur to Awesome week

Get licensed

Become a qualified skydiver with a worldwide accepted license, and jump on your own. Then start working towards jumping with others!

Learn quicker

Take time away to accelerate your learning, live and breathe skydiving for an amazing week.

Share the experience

Meet new people, you’ll learn and socialise together - and you might just end up making some lifelong friends!

Discover your skydiving experience

Sale - WAS $540

Start your skydiving journey

Accelerated Freefall

/per student
  • Victoria's FIRST AND ONLY Online Theory Course!
  • Train and Jump same day
  • 1 x Skydive with Gear Hire
  • Decide if you want to continue
  • No experience required
  • Optional FREE accomodation
  • APF Membership
  • FREE Log book
  • AFF Stages 2 to 9

Regular Saturday courses every month, may be available other days by appointment. Pay as you go for continuing stages.

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Save $100

Get Solo Certified

Complete AFF Course

/per student
  • Victoria's FIRST AND ONLY Online Theory Course!
  • Complete over Weekends
  • 9 x Skydives with Gear Hire
  • Save compared to PAYG
  • No experience required
  • FREE Bunkhouse Accomodation
  • APF Membership
  • FREE Log book
  • AFF Stages 1 to 9

Regular Saturday courses every month, may be available other days by appointment.

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1800 266 500
Most Popular

The ultimate holiday

Amateur to Awesome

/per student
  • Victoria's FIRST AND ONLY Online Theory Course!
  • 7 x days Skydiving Holiday
  • 15 x Skydives with Gear Hire
  • Become a Licensed Skydiver
  • No experience required
  • FREE Cabin Accomodation
  • APF Membership
  • FREE Log Book
  • AFF Stages 1 to 9
  • Extra 6 Consolidation Jumps
  • A Certificate Exam and Application
  • Dedicated Course Manager - Day Trips, Pub, Movie nights and more!
  • Breakfasts included plus BBQ night
  • FREE Stubby holder

Courses at least once a month. May be available other dates by appointment.

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1800 266 500

Why is our course so popular?

Skydive Nagambie's Advanced Skydiving Program (ASP) is backed by Victoria's first and only online theory component. Previously we ran the older traditional Accelerated Freefall course (taking a full weekend to complete, where you do not get to jump the same day) and which is still common at most other centres, but have invested in a new progressive course built to help you succeed!

Introducing the Advanced Skydiving Program (ASP)

Skydive Nagambie's Online CourseTraditional Two-Day AFF Course
(as offered elsewhere)
Complete first skydive instruction
Train and jump same day
Learn at your own pace, at home
Revisit any material any time - boost your confidence
Jump fresh, progress with flying colours

With our online theory course, you complete all the theoretical components of your first jump course at home and in your own time. Then you come to the centre and complete a short practical course where your Instructor will demonstrate and practise with you all the drills you need for your first jump. Then later on that day you do your first AFF skydive. Less time in the classroom means more time skydiving!

See our online booking links below for course dates - other midweek or full-week dates may be available by appointment, call us for more information.

People love skydiving with us

Skydive Nagambie is rated 5 out of 5 stars

“The DZ is awesome”

...a welcoming, friendly and skydiving-as-a-sport oriented environment rather than only a one-time experience (these people live to skydive and want to share that excitement with others!)


Some handy info about our courses

Course dates

We run courses throughout the year, with all first jump training starting on a Saturday. To see available dates, just click on Book Now and the calendar will show you what is available for the course you select.

We give your FREE accomodation during your course, and you can also use this if you want to arrive the night before your course too. This means you are fresh and ready to learn the next morning!

Bring your friends

Why take the leap on your own? Get a bunch of mates and all learn to skydive together. If there’s more than four of you, let us know and we can give you a discount.

Friends and family are welcome to come and watch from our spectator area. But please no dogs. We love them too, but we need to keep them away from the airplanes.

Easy to get to

Just a short drive north of Melbourne will bring you to the picturesque town of Nagambie, nestled in the stunning Victorian countryside.

There’s something special about the Australian countryside, and if you get up early in the morning you’ll see kangaroos bouncing around our landing area!

It’s the ultimate holiday

We have a licensed bar on-site that opens at the end of the day, so there’s plenty of chance to relax with your fellow candidates and instructors.

During the course take trips as a group down to the Nagambie pubs in the evening for good food and company.

Safety and Protection

We are a member of the Australian Parachute Federation (APF), the Vic-Tas Parachute Council and are regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

As your safety is a priority, only Instructors certified by the APF will assist in your skydive

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  • Vic-Tas Parachute Assocation logo
  • Civil Aviation and Safety Authority logo